ExPürtise's Skin Perfecting CBD Facial

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

In support of ExPürtise's desire to be the world's most results-focused skincare products with the purest ingredients possible, the CBD Collection was created.

This Effective Anti-Aging collection includes an Active Skin Balm, Soothing Massage Oil, Advanced Body Hydration, Energizing Toner, and Antioxidant Calming Mask - all with CBD! Read more about each of these products below.

Effective Anti-Aging CBD Active Skin Balm

ExPürtise Active Skin Balm with CBD

Benefits:  ExPürtise Active Skin Balm with CBD contains a rich blend of four different organic oils to enhance blood circulation and deliver inflammation relief to areas that need it most. This balm quickly soothes and cools to diminish cramping and leaves skin feeling refreshed.