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NewApeel Petite equipment product image.  Click on the image to shop NewApeel Petite.
A woman using Mineral Air Skin misting device.  Click on the image to shop Mineral Air skin devices.
DT2 Microdermabrasion machine.  Click on the image to shop DT2.
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Jeunesse Pro professional microcurrent system equipment.  Click on the image to shop Jeunesse Pro.
A woman using Clareblend MINI over a Bel Mondo Biocellulose mask.


MedSpa Distributors is a wholesale distributor of leading skin care equipment, products and devices, including:



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MedSpa Distributors is a leading wholesale skin care distributor, specializing in providing high-quality equipment, products, and devices to licensed skin care industry professionals in the United States. Our team places a heavy emphasis on delivering excellent customer service, ensuring that you have all of the tools necessary to provide your clients with the best possible skin care services and at-home maintenance. Our extensive range of options includes products and devices designed to meet the unique needs of licensed estheticians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetologists and more.

Jeunesse Petite

Microcurrent + Galvanic

DiamondTome Microdermabrasion

DT2, NewApeel, NewApeel Petite Microdermabrasion, HydroPlus+ and equipment supplies

Bel Mondo Mask

BioCellulose Masks

Gua Sha Stones
Jeunesse and MINI

Jeunesse, Serenity, Clareblend MINI + Equipment gels & supplies


Sun Protection

NewApeel Microdermabrasion

DiamondTome micro exfoliation equipment


Stem cell released molecules

Mineral Air Mist
TIZO AM Replenisher
Tizo Sheer Botanicals
MedSpa ExPUrtise Face Serum, Face Treatm
3 Bottles in the ClearChoice Beet Root Peel

Clearchoice Beet Root Peel


clinical levels of age-defying active ingredients that are specifically selected to support healthy, youthful skin.

Viktoria DéAnn Peptide Cosmeceutical

Professional cosmeceuticals employing unique peptide messengers

Photozyme GFS Plus bottle square

Anti-aging products that enhance the health and appearance of aging skin


Use ThermalBall hot or cold to help ease pain from a variety of causes

BLT Skin Cream

BLT Skin Cream is a uniquely formulated blend of three classic anesthetics

MedSpa Distributors has a vast supply of professional products, and professional equipment for the esthetics community. They offer excellent customer support to licensed estheticians and have an extensive understanding of the esthetics landscape. I highly recommend this business to other professionals in the Esthetics and MedSpa field!"

Sarah, Washington

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