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MICRON sized drops of the Renewal Serum enabling faster, more efficient absorption.  The serum is supercharged with active beauty ingredients to renew, hydrate, brighten and balance the skin
Mineral Air Renewal Serum being applied to a woman's face


With the brand ethos of mineral benefits always in mind, Mineral Air Skin incorporates potent sea salt as well as a nutrient dense trace of mineral rich sea algae to restore and refresh. Transforming dull and dehydrated dermis into a luminous looking skin that has a healthy, youthful appearance and glow within seconds.


Intended to be the universal “any step, any time”, Mineral Air Skin is also a fully hypoallergenic boost of hydration to balance or brighten your day or night and will even find its way through makeup without disturbing it.

ELIXER MIST DEVICE uses breakthrough micronizing technology.  Simple to use for fact, clean application.  4 1/4 tall and USB rechargeable.  Portable & TSA permitted.  Easy to maintain, clean and refill.
The Mineral Air renewal serum provides ultra-absorption while being greaseless and suitable for all skin types.  It's enriched with EGF and hyaluronic acid.
This image shows the renewal serum laying on top of the skin's surface.
This photo shows a how the renewal serum reaches down deeper into the pores than when applied by the hands.


Renewal Serum Skincare System

Watch the video to see how to use.

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