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A woman holding a MyDermatician facial scrubbing device
Teal My Dermatician facial scrubber
Purple My Dermatician Facial Scrubber with Base

My Dermatician™

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Combining the biggest beauty trends with the latest technology in skin care equipment, MyDermatician™ can help you achieve flawless skin.

The My Dermatician™ skin cleansing brush uses pulsating vibrations to help dislodge dirt, makeup, and grime. Start and end your day with one of the five speeds for a clear complexion.  

Descriptions of the MyDermatician skin cleansing brush.  5-Speed vibrating technology, waterproof and anti-bacterial, vibrating technology, deep cleansing and a smart battery,
My Dermatitician Hypochlorous Solution product image.  Press to shop.


Protect your face against serious germs in public spaces. Kills viruses and bacteria on skin.

Hand Sanitizer bottle.  Press to shop.


Hand sanitizer helps to reduce bacteria on the skin.

Yellow MyDermatician Facial Cleaning device


Reveal healthy, soft, radiant and smooth looking skin.

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