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Cleaning & Replenishment Tips for DiamondTome & Hydro+ Practitioners

DiamondTome microdermabrasion offers reliable results that your clients can see! But how can practitioners best maintain their NewApeel Petite, NewApeel or DT2 equipment?

Read some cleaning and maintenance recommendations below.

With a DiamondTome exfoliation session, the outer layer of skin that has been exposed to and damaged by the elements is gradually removed. After several sessions, that layer is diminishes and all of the imperfections that exist on it (such as fine lines, shallow acne scars, age spots, etc.) improve.  When combined with Hydro+, serums are more deeply penetrated into the skin.  [Learn more here.]

The Basics

The DiamondTome microdermabrasion wand is reusable and must be cleaned immediately after each treatment. Since the wand comes in contact with the skin, high levels of sterilization are required.

Immediately after each use:

• Clean the wand in a mild detergent by scrubbing the surface of the wand with the wire brush supplied with the system. Cleanse the inside lumen of the wand with the brush provided with the tubing set or use an ultrasonic cleanser.

• Soak the wand after cleaning in enzymatic detergent per product instructions.

• Immerse wand in cold sterilization solution per product instructions.

• Remove from solution, dry and use.

If the skin surface may be, or has been penetrated the wand should be steam sterilized.

• After cleaning and using enzymatic cleaner steam sterilize the wands.

The Tubing

When the tubing appears soiled, clean the tubing for the DiamondTome & Hydro+ systems.

• After removing the tubing from the filter, wash with warm water and detergent. The

tubing should be hung to dry to remove as much water from the tube as possible. Small

drops of water left in the tubing after cleaning will not harm the console.

• The tubing may be cleaned by running a small piece of cotton through the tube. Turn on

system, place small piece of cotton at end of tubing furthest from system. Run cotton

through. Disconnect tubing from HEPA filter and remove cotton with tweezers.

Periodically, purchase new DiamondTome tube sets, available separately or as part of an Accessory Replacement Kit. Hydro+ tubing is available here.

The Filters

While the single use filter discs can be changed at least once per client (sometimes more for body exfoliation), the Hepa Filter and Hydro Collection canisters are to be changed at the following intervals:

Hepa Filter: Change every 3-6 months or 200 exfoliation sessions

Hydro Collection Canister: Change every 3 months or when fluid reaches the line on the canister.

Also, consider ordering an extra backup canister, filter(s) or tube set - so that you have a spare if needed.

View Stephanie's tips for when to change the

Hepa filter & and Hydro Canister below:

When to change the Hepa Filter.

When to change the Hydro+ Collection Canister.

For more info on DiamondTome microexfoliation equipment or cleaning tips, contact MedSpa Distributors at 757-271-4370 or  Shop professional skin care equipment, products, devices and more at 

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