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Thinking Outside the Treatment Room (and inside the Drop-Shipping Box)

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Social distancing. Unfortunately, it's a way of life for the foreseeable future. Although it's a great idea to follow physical distancing, let's remain together socially.

Times like these (spending time away from friends, family and the public to mitigate COVID-19 spread) seem to have even the most introverted personalities grasping for almost any type of non-physical social contact. Now is a good time to reach out to your clients to connect to see how they are doing. A simple phone call or text message goes a long way in showing that you care.

Make time to connect.

Want to connect with your clients, but you're not sure what to say? Start with a simple text or phone call to say hello and ask how they are doing. Chances are, they have already cleaned their make-up brushes, done some Spring cleaning and completed a number of other to-do list tasks and will gladly accept your call.

You could also try contacting your clients in the form of an email to offer a virtual consultation. It's probable that stress may be causing some undue skin reactions - and they would welcome your recommendations on products or devices that could improve their skin's appearance.

We came up with a template letter to help get your started. Click here to view the template letter and feel free to copy, paste and edit to tailor to your needs. Copy this message into your email contact manager (such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, or reach out to your frequent clients from your email account). Follow up with a phone call.

Share Your Expert Advice.

You are a skin care professional and you have expert advice. Share that advice with your clients. You can do this on social media and during phone calls to clients when you are checking on their skin's status.

  • Are they running low on their favorite product?

  • Are their hands dry from excessive hand washing?

  • Is the stress of homeschooling the kids and working from home causing stress breakouts? Or, do they just want to maintain your professional results until they can see you again in the treatment room?

You have a solution for all of those situations (and more) and we can help by drop shipping products and devices directly to their doorstep.

Drop Ship.

How does it work with MedSpa Distributors?

  1. Contact your client, make product recommendations and take their order. Charge your customer retail pricing.

  2. Place the order with us by calling 1-888-385-9058. Indicate that the order is a drop ship and provide the relevant details. We charge you the wholesale price and ship the product (with tracking and insurance) directly to your client. No invoice will be enclosed.

  3. At, we are happy to facilitate drop shipping requests for shipments to your clients. Please see the following steps to ensure the drop ship process will be smooth. 1. Under the Shipping Details, enter YOUR email address for order confirmation. 2. Enter your client's shipping information. Under Company Name, type DROP SHIP. 3. Under Payment Information, input your billing information and update the address with your billing address.

Stay Connected.

Did your client order a new device or product? Stay connected and show your client how to use the device, or send a reminder to use the awesome mask that you sent on a weekly basis.

Or, set up a Zoom party. Think modern-day Tupperware party. Send products, invitations, easy to prepare hors d'Oeuvres or "quaran-tini" recipe and get ready to share your expertise by showing off some home-care tips.

Learn how to Make Money with the Clareblend MINI. Watch Pam's presentation during the LipGloss + AfterShave Virtual Skin Care Festival. The presentation is available here:

There's a number of ways to think outside the treatment room - and we are here to support you during this time. Feel free to call us at 1-888-385-9058 or email to have a quick brainstorming session on ways we can help keep your skin care business going.

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