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Home Protocols


Experience the transformation of regrowing hair with Theradome Pro, where patience meets convenience. In just 26 weeks (at minimum), you can unveil the magic of revitalized hair by using Theradome Pro only 2 times a week. The best part? While letting the lasers work their wonders, you can effortlessly multitask. Elevate self-care routines by pairing Theradome with a soothing Bel Mondo MaximEyes eye mask, creating a perfect blend of hair restoration and relaxation.


Woman wearing a Theradome and Bel Mondo Mask while working on a laptop

Simplify or Spritz

Receive a boost of intense hydration and natural soothing extracts while lifting and toning when combining a Viktoria Pepti-Nano Mask with Clareblend MINI microcurrent.

Bonus Tip: If you're using the MINI Microcurrent without a mask, spritz Hudsony Mineral Mist on conductive gel that has lost its slip.  The mist will restore the slipperiness of the gel. 


Beyond the Balm

Organic lip balm is a perfect accompaniment for every day home care.


Dynamic Duo

Youth Recovery in the morning and GFS Plus in the evening. Both are loaded with DNA repair enzymes for ultimate protection and repair.  

These are packaged in a convenient travel size - making skin care a breeze any day & night.

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Two Vitamin C + Salicylic

Two forms of Vitamin C plus Salicylic Acid make C2S Skin Balancing Serum a superior serum for collagen production, exfoliation and free radical protection.

3 different sizes of C2S Skin Balancing Serum

Gain Retail Confidence

Explore the intricacies of skincare product and device retailing in our comprehensive series of classes. 

$25 Registration fee 

$25 MedSpa Distributors store credit provided upon completion.

New York Minute
Photozyme Duo
MINI + VDA Nano Mask + Hudsony
Viktoria DeAnn Pepti Nano Mask

Pepti-Nano Mask

6 colors of Clareblend MINI's laying around flowers

Clareblend MINI

Photozyme Petite Duo with Youth Recovery & GFS Plus

Photozyme Duo

C2S Skin Balancing Serum

Skin Balancing Serum


Organic Lip Balm


Mineral Water Spray

About MedSpa Distributors

MedSpa Distributors specializes in providing innovative equipment and products to licensed skin care professionals at wholesale pricing. 

With over 36 years of combined professional esthetic industry experience, Pam & Stephanie aim to provide knowledgeable customer service and education to licensed skin care professionals.

Why work with us? 

• Get all your favorite skin care brands, devices & equipment from one location!

• Assistance with custom building protocols combining equipment & multiple product lines

• Industry Experience providing dependable education from licensed estheticians

• Personalized Service 

• We support USA manufacturers 

• No minimum orders 

• In-house financing possible 

• Frequent specials often not published by manufacturers 

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Radiant Retailing Series

Radiant Retailing

Elevating Results & Amplifying Profits

| Series of 4

| Virtual Classes

Register to attend our Radiant Retailing class series! 

Learn more at:

$25 to register

$25 Coupon Code for one time use to shop at will be provided after completion of the 4 modules.  

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