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Esthetic Learning Series

Radiant Retailing

Elevating Results & Amplifying Profits

Join us for a series of 4 Zoom classes focused on the intricacies of skincare product and device retailing.


Delve into the 'why' behind effective skincare choices, understanding the science and rationale. Explore the benefits for you and your clients.

Discover the 'what' by exploring a range of products and devices, gaining insights into their unique properties.

Uncover the 'where' as we discuss suitable retail environments and distribution channels.


Navigate the 'when' by learning about timing strategies and seasonal considerations. 


Finally, master the 'how' with practical sessions on sales techniques and customer engagement.

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Cost & Benefits

$25 to Register

The $25 registration fee is for a 4 class education series presented on Zoom.  While we encourage live attendance, all sessions will be recorded if you need to make up a class session.

$25 to Spend

When you complete the series, we'll email you a $25 coupon code to shop at!  Buy a product that you can retail to get $25+ back in your pocket!


Strategies for becoming a radiant retailer!

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March 4, 2024

Fundamentals of Retailing in Esthetics

Introduction to the importance of retailing in the esthetics industry, understanding client needs, and building a foundation for successful product sales.



March 18, 2024

Incorporating Advanced Devices into Retail


Exploration of cutting-edge skin care devices, understanding their benefits, and integrating them into retail strategies. Guidance on educating clients about device-enhanced treatments.



April 1, 2024

Marketing and Branding for Retail Success


Developing a personalized brand, effective marketing strategies for retail offerings, and leveraging social media to boost product sales and enhance the esthetician's reputation.



April 15, 2024

Maximizing Financial Success


Strategies for setting retail goals, pricing products, and implementing loyalty programs. Financial management tips to ensure profitability and long-term success in the esthetics business.

Radiant Retailing Details

Radiant Retailing

Elevating Results & Amplifying Profits

$25 to register

$25 store credit for one time use to shop at will be provided after completion of the 4 modules. 

| Series of 4

| Virtual Classes

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Radiant Retailing Series 

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