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Bring your sexy back... (or legs, elbows, arms, knees...)

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Twenty years ago, Altair Instruments created the very first crystal free skin exfoliation system. The diamond-tipped wand and non-invasive technique has become today’s industry standard in microdermabrasion.

DiamondTome microexfoliation continues to reveal brighter complexions using patented diamond tipped wands to exfoliate every curve of the face and body.

DiamondTome microexfoliation, offers a safe way to clear away dead cells and surface imperfections, promote the growth of collagen and reveal a healthier, more luminous complexion. This exfoliation technique also stimulates vascular circulation beneath the surface of the skin resulting in a healthier and firmer appearance.

Three different systems are available to meet every skin professionals' needs - the NewApeel, DT2, and NewApeel Petite.

Beautiful skin doesn’t stop at the neck.

DiamondTome offers face, lymphatic, body wands. And now, the new Platinum Body Wand Collection!

Incorporate invigorating body exfoliation into your skincare practice.

The Platinum body wands offer high performance microdermabrasion in a fraction of the time. The larger head size allows a larger surface area to be covered while the smaller head hugs the contours of the body!

Why exfoliate the body?

The skin on the body needs exfoliation too. Exfoliating the body helps to prevent body acne, ingrown hairs, and a dull skin appearance. Exfoliating the body is also key for providing a smooth canvas for a spray tan!

Contact MedSpa Distributors at 1-888-385-9058 to learn more!

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