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Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Amplify results with Microcurrent and Peptides!

Ride the waves of microcurrent technology to help clients reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while lifting and toning. Microcurrent is also great for product penetration!

The application of Viktoria DéAnn peptides underneath a Bel Mondo Pure BioCellulose Mask (also containing advanced peptides) really amplify results!

Ready to try it for yourself? Purchase a Clareblend MINI from and mention LIPGLOSS+AFTERSHAVE in the "Add a Note" link inside your shopping cart. We will add 1 free Bel Mondo BioCellulose Mask to your order! This offer is valid for a limited time!

Watch the product penetration microcurrent video below and keep reading to learn about the Clareblend Jeunesse Microcurrent System!


The Jeunesse Microcurrent System uses a gentle square waveform, matching the innate electrical activity of the body. This waveform is in the form of a low-level current, which mimicks the body’s natural frequencies. Research has concluded that the higher the microcurrent values, the less beneficial the effect. Sessions of low level current have a cumulative effect in the increase of collagen and elastin, resulting in an uplifted and contoured appearance.

Skin care professionals can safely and effectively firm and lift the skin with microcurrent using specific movements for the face & body.

Microcurrent uniquely replicates the body’s own electrical current, making it a safe and effective alternative to invasive and risky skin rejuvenation procedures.

During a typical microcurrent procedure, a skin care professional will apply conductive gel and water based serums, based on the client’s skin health goals.

We like to apply Viktoria DéAnn peptides one at a time, allowing time for each peptide to penetrate the skin.

Then, apply conductive gel or a Bel Mondo Biocellulose Mask.

Low-level current, mimicking the body’s natural frequencies, is painlessly applied with gloves or wands. As the muscles are sculpted into lifted positions, the increased ATP, collagen, and elastin enables the skin to hold the position for a longer period of time. Effects with microcurrent are cumulative. Although results are commonly seen after one session, a series of microcurrent sessions are advised to obtain desired and sustained results.

We also recommend the use of the Clareblend MINI in between professional treatments to help clients maintain results.


- Helps delay premature aging - Hydrates and revitalizes skin - Restores a healthy, youthful glow - Minimizes large pores and aids in acne treatments - Reduces symptoms of Sinusitis, Rhinitis and Rosacea - Tightens sagging jowls, double chins, and fatty cheeks - Diminishes or eliminates fine lines, creases and wrinkles - Reduces dark circles or puffiness around the eyes and sagging at the neck

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