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7 Self Care Products for Dads

Self care is an important ritual for everyone. With Father's Day approaching, we'll shift focus and admiration to the important father's and father figures surrounding us.

A self care gift implies that you honor the recipient's preserved health and continued longevity.

a picture of 7 skin care products
7 Self Care Products for Dad

Read below to discover more about 7 self care products that are used by a dad we at MedSpa Distributors know & love (our online coordinator's husband).

A man holding a bottle of ClearChoice Mandelic Cleanser
ClearChoice Mandelic Cleanser

Some men may naturally be drawn to the name, Mandelic Cleanser. There's definitely a dad joke brewing there... (Will the Mandelic Cleanser make me more Man-Delic (man+angelic)? So to that, we say, sure, the Mandelic Cleanser refines the skin with Mandelic Acid Enzymes and Turmeric to brighten, exfoliate and remove impurities from the skin.

My husband believes NeoGenesis Skin Serum is a magical potion. He would swim laps in a pool of this product if possible. He applies Skin Serum post shave for soothing relief and also for enhanced healing of inflammation related to eczema.

It's like butt-ah! This buttery blend of proprietary DNA repair enzymes, antioxidants and other plant based nourishing ingredients melt into the skin and provide optimal hydration. Photozyme Ultra Rich Cream is a top pick for graceful aging.

C2S Skin Balancing serum is described as liquid gold. With 2 forms of vitamin C + salicylic acid, C2S serum normalizes problem skin with gentle exfoliation.

For dads who like to take things to the extreme, ClearChoice Sport Shield Extreme SPF 55 is a clear win. Apply this product to help prevent sunburn and premature skin aging.

The cooling, Bel Mondo Anti-Aging Biocellulose mask is another top pick for calming inflammation while also intensely hydrating the skin and delivering anti-aging effects.

Spook the kids while restoring skin health with a ZAQ LED Mask. Double win for dads.

Read more about these products at & view our Instagram post featuring one of our favorite dad's here @medspadist

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