Spring Cleansing

When Spring Cleaning goes awry, don't fret - you can always move on to Spring Cleansing - a much simpler task than clearing out your closets.

Here are some great cleansing choices!

Viktoria DéAnn Purifying Cleanser (also known as Gel Cleanser) is a water-soluble, sulfate-free, deep penetrating foaming cleanser that gently lifts make-up and impurities from the skin, without removing essential lipids required to remain healthy and hydrated. Gel Cleanser can improve the penetration of sequential treatments used in your professional’s applications as well as home usage. Incorporation of Vitamin C in this Gel Cleanser helps neutralize destructive free radicals and delivers deep-pore cleansing to reveal natural smooth skin.

Product Benefits:

• Sulfate free • Contains essential lipids for skin health and citric acid to gently smooth and exfoliate • Leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed

Viktoria DéAnn Balancing Cleanser (also known as Neutral Gel Cleanser) a hypo-allergenic facial cleansing gel scientifically formulated from the purest ingredients this distinctive blend of cleansing and natural moisturizing agents help remove make-up and environmental impurities, and works to re-establish the proper pH of the skin. Neutral gel cleanser is the perfect skin preparation for the restorative treatment, improving the penetration of the active ingredients contained in subsequently applied Viktoria DéAnn products and serums.

Product Benefits:

• Sulfate free • For all skin types • European style (non-foaming) • Designed to maintain essential lipids required for cellular health

Skin Recovery Science Anhydrous Cleanser  contains no water, no harsh chemicals, no preservatives and no fragrances. SRS Anhydrous Cleanser is highly concentrated and because it does not contain water it cannot support bacterial growth which may cause allergic reactions in sensitive skin. By eliminating the use of potentially irritating preservatives, the risk of adverse skin reactions is diminished.Ideal for use before and after resurfacing treatments. Most cleansers contain 70 to 90% water.

Product Benefits:

• Dermatologist Tested and Approved • Humectant  • Soap-Free and Sulfate-Free  • Water-Free (Anhydrous) &  Preservative-Free 

NeoGenesis Cleanser is specially formulated to gently cleanse and refresh the skin without the use of sulfates or other harmful ingredients.  The cleanser gently removes makeup, dirt, and excess oil without drying the skin or affecting the natural pH balance. Product Benefits: • Cleans gently without drying

• Calms and soothes the skin

• Non-irritating and non-inflammatory

• Reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone

• Leaves your skin feeling smooth and radiant

ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Ultra Purifying Cleanser instantly detoxifies without stripping away skin’s natural protective barrier. This cleanser is free of sodium laureth/lauryl sulfates, harsh detergents, dyes and artificial fragrances. Daily use reduces signs of aging and promotes a more youthful appearance. Perfectly pH balanced, for all skin types.

Product Benefits: