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New! Décolleté Mask

Bel Mondo Beauty Announces Décolleté Sheet Mask For Compromised Skin

Ultra-Hydrating, Soothing Bio Cellulose Treatment Developed In Collaboration

With Oncology Spa Solutions® As Aid For Relieving Radiation Dermatitis Symptoms

Laurel Springs, NJ (PR WEB) – January 25, 2023 Bel Mondo Beauty, a leading developer of premium bio cellulose sheet masks, today announced the availability of a decollete mask designed to treat compromised skin, including skin that presents mild symptoms of radiation dermatitis.

Bel Mondo’s Decollete Mask features the brand’s signature bio cellulose fabric, which functions as a super-moisturizing occlusive capable of quickly soothing and hydrating extremely dry, reddened skin.

Prototypes of the mask were evaluated by oncology-trained estheticians at cancer care centers and spas affiliated with Oncology Spa Solutions (OSS), a leading educator in the emerging specialty of oncology esthetics. All ingredients contained in the mask’s fragrance-free formula adhere to rigorous standards established by OSS for spa professionals to deliver informed, compassionate services to oncology clients.

Each year an estimated four million people in the United States receive radiation therapy, with the majority developing symptoms from burn damage to skin that include erythroderma (reddening), pruritis (severe itching), and xerosis (extreme dryness, peeling).

“There is a significant market need for responsibly produced cosmetic products that are safe and effective for skin that has become compromised from cancer therapies,” noted OSS Founder Becky Kuehn, LME/COS. “Bel Mondo’s decollete treatment can be trusted to hydrate damaged skin thoroughly and help it to retain moisture for better barrier function.”

Biocompatible With Skin

Unlike coarse fabrics found in mass-manufactured sheet masks, bio cellulose fabrics are produced microbially in sterile laboratory environments; their superfine, gel-like fibers are biocompatible with skin. This strong safety profile, along with an unequalled ability to retain and transfer moisture, make bio cellulose fabrics ideal occlusives.

“The Decollete Mask is our second collaboration with Oncology Spa Solutions in three years,” noted Bel Mondo President Lou Martelli, whose brand has been producing bio cellulose treatments since 2012. “It is a privilege to align our product development strategy once again with their commendable mission.”

The formula in Bel Mondo’s Decollete Mask features a blend of top-rated ceramides, peptides, antioxidants and humectants. Notably, it is free from fragrances, parabens, synthetic dyes, phthalates and ingredients considered to be potential irritants or endocrine disruptors.

Each mask is packaged in a sterile foil that contains a generous 40 mL of serum -- 33% more than the standard fill volume for sheet mask products.

Martelli anticipates that Bel Mondo’s Decollete Mask will also find favor with estheticians in the broader spa market.

“The delicate skin of the decollete is an overlooked treatment zone that quite easily becomes rough, dull, and crepey from age and sun exposure,” Martelli stated. “Our Decollete Mask can help improve those conditions and makes an ideal complement to facial services.”


Bel Mondo Beauty BioCellulose Masks are available for purchase to skin care professionals at

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