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Resurface & Renew

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Ready to resurface and renew? Read more about a great new tool and treatment mask to help!


Game Changer Alert: DiamondTome Micro Wand

DiamondTome created a new, MICRO Wand for use with DiamondTome micro-exfoliation equipment! We are so excited about this new wand as the smaller diamond tip allows the practitioner to resurface the smaller or more intricate areas of the face, like the nose and earlobes. This wand is a total game-changer in the world of crystal-free microdermabrasion.

Not using DiamondTome microdermabrasion equipment?

DiamondTome® systems stand out because they are crystal free and use a diamond tipped microdermabrasion wand to remove the damaged outer layer of skin, where shallow surface imperfections reside.  The procedure is entirely customizable, and can be adjusted to offer either a gentle or aggressive approach.  It also doesn’t cause heat or inflammation, so it’s safe for clients with sensitive skin.  And finally, there’s no downtime with DiamondTome® crystal free systems, so clients can return to their lives right away with no side effects or downtime, making it a true “lunch hour” solution.

DiamondTome equipment is perfect for resurfacing skin on the face that may have been neglected in the cold winter months. There are also body wands which are perfect for resurfacing skin that has been hidden under warm layers of clothing.

Contact our office at 1-888-385-9058 or email to learn more about the benefits of DiamondTome equipment in your skin care practice.


Renew Resurfaced Skin

Have you heard about Bel Mondo Bio-Cellulose Masks? These masks are premium, top shelf masks that clearly deserve a gold medal when it comes to sheet masks.

Bel Mondo’s all-natural bio cellulose treatment masks are intensely hydrating and soothing. They excel as super-moisturizing components in standard facial services and as recovery aids that diminish inflammation and redness after a variety of skin resurfacing procedures.

Bel Mondo Masks are available in Anti-Aging, Brightening, Calming, Ultra Hydrating, Under Eye - and now the Moisture Renewal Mask.

Bel Mondo’s Moisture Renewal Mask is free from major classes of additives that can potentially irritate compromised skin. These include artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes, ethyl alcohols, paraben preservatives, silicon and petroleum-based surfactants, and mineral oils.

The Moisture Renewal Mask was developed primarily for individuals undergoing oncology treatments. This mask would also be appropriate for individuals with sensitive or dry skin.

Note, we would not recommend microdermabrasion for individuals undergoing oncology treatment and do recommend clients consult their physician before initiating any skin care procedures.


Many skin care practitioners are already seeing great success with this 1 - 2 - punch of resurfacing and renewal. We at MedSpa Distributors are always happy to help discuss ways of bringing success into your skin care practice. Feel free to contact us at 1-888-385-9058, email or shop online at

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